• High standard technical services
  • Strong networks for all purposes
  • creative solutions for local issues
  • interactive surveillance systems
  • Fast networks with CAT7 cables
  • Studios with international standards
High standard technical services1 Strong networks for all purposes2 creative solutions for local issues3 interactive surveillance systems4 Fast networks with CAT7 cables5 Studios with international standards6

Welcome to enigineering services

In the engineering services section, we do not pretend to cover every thing, instead, we focus on set of services for a good reason, we do it perfectly


We build strong networks for data, voice and other purposes, with very ritch package, covering even the decore and paiting to the damage.
Enjoy the speed with the new CAT7 cables.


While Sudanese musician growing and getting more professional; there is more need for qualified studio in order to creat professional content
Discover this lovely experience with us.

Surveilance Systems

Today, the srveillance system became an essential part of any place> In Masarib we provide a complete service including sales, installation and maintenance .
Install your surveillance system today before tomorrow.

Technical Support contracts

Maybe you have a good systems; but always there are ways to develop it, and also the need for the support never ends in corporates.
Enjoy long support contract and turn to your business.


With advanced German equipments, and strong local materials، We provide manfacturing services for office furniture and studios requirements.
And the best part; we creat our own designs .

Contact us for more details، Contact us