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Welcome to Masarib Knowledge Center

What is Masarib "Knowledge Center"

Within our social responsibility; Masarib funds a large section known as “Knowledge Center”. It is an electronic platform, publishing verified articles that covers finance, art, media and technology.


Publishing high standard articles regarding the content, language and verification. We gather group of the best writers and researchers from Sudan and the region.
All the products will be published on our websites, social media, and other partner's sites.


Covering the hot issues in our societies in objective and scientific way, in order to build a trusted content base.

Politics & ideologies

The center does not promote or publish any political or ideological contents. But, as we are seeking for the development of the community and the people; we, with our writers make sure confirming that our content will be always free of racism and discrimination against all humans.

Current products

Articles & Reportages | Short clips | Posters & Quick messages | Questionnaires

Areas of coverage

Technology | Media | Art | Economy | Environment & Health


In addition to our professional writers; the center is developing agreements with several academic and journalist centers.


The Knowledge Center has a consultative council that made our policies and guidelines.
The center manager coordinates all the tasks related to the writers and researchers and their products.
And of course designers and web developers are essential part of our center.

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