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Masarib Company
For Media and Technology Services Ltd

What Does Masarib Mean ?

The word ‘Masarib’ in the Arabic language means paths through which rainwater flows towards the river. From this meaning, we derived our vision to provide a wide range of interrelated services in one place.

About Company

A privately held business with its headquarters in Sudan and a branch in Rwanda. The business provides a broad variety of services in the media and technology sectors. Masarib provides a high calibre of documentaries, TV ads, “highlights” of short films, music videos, and instructional pieces. likewise, the advancement of systems for conference rooms.

Business today starts from the Internet, so are you there???

Take advantage of the top deals on web hosting and web design in Sudan

We can confidently state it since we have the enormous Hetzner servers in Germany, the top design team, and more than five years of expertise. In Sudan, we create the best and quickest websites.

Media production

High-level specialists are needed to create dramas, advertising, highlight reels, and documentaries with a 4K system in addition to recording activities with a Full HD camera.

Video conference

The greatest video conferencing service in Sudan is offered by Masarib, which also offers professional television production using numerous cameras, an audio and video mixer, and Internet transmission for video conferencing and its different uses.

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