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What does " Masarib " Mean ?

The word ‘Masarib’ in the Arabic language means paths through which rainwater flows towards the river. From this meaning, we derived our vision to provide a wide range of interrelated services in one place.

About The Company

A privately held business with its headquarters in Sudan and a branch in Rwanda. The business provides a broad variety of services in the media and technology sectors. Masarib provides a high caliber of documentaries, TV ads, “highlights” of short films, music videos, and instructional pieces. likewise, the advancement of systems for conference rooms.

What Do We Provide

We  offer a package of media and technical services that institutions and projects need in all their specialties. Our basic idea is based on diversifying different services under one roof, including the following:-

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hosting site
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media products
Service policy

Our main concern is to ensure that these standards are in all the company's services, as all our plans revolve around reaching a high degree of satisfaction for all our customers.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility Within the company's social responsibility, the company funds a huge knowledge section that provides free educational and educational materials in the fields of technology, media and arts, which are directed to all segments of the public within Sudan and the regional environment.

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